SAFEMinds educational interactive video


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  • Photography

  • Headspace

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  • AIMIA Awards 2015 – Best Digital Advertising or Communication, Learning and Education (Highly Commended)*
  • Interactive Media Awards (USA) 2014 – Best in Class Award, in both Association and Healthcare categories.
  • 2014 Victorian Public Health care Awards – Mental Health Educator Excellence Award.

Interactive learning to help with early identification and intervention in mental health

Headspace SAFEMinds, a Victorian Government initiative, was made to facilitate the early identification and intervention in mental health issues in primary and secondary school students. Through interaction with these stories, the learner is asked to make decisions to support the student, as a school staff member or as their parent or carer.

This approach aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of the whole school community, about the many different forms of emotional distress children may experience, and how these might be presented.

Further background information, resources, and interactive toolkit, support the learning experience.


  • Six stories, each with two decision points and video outcome, based on user choice
  • One hour of video in total
  • 14 main actors, plus extras
  • ‘Nip It In the Bud! – Notice, Inquire, and Plan’ section providing further information and resources
  • LMS module for Department of Education and Training
  • SAFEMinds Safety Map interactive online tool
  • IE8 and WCAG compliant, including video subtitles

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* The AIMIA Awards, the longest running and most prestigious awards in Australia’s digital industry, are now known as the AMY Awards presented by D+TC.

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