Birth Choices website


  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Design Director
  • Producer

  • Raising Children Network

  • 2and2

  • AIMIA Award 2014 – Best Tablet/Not for Profit*
  • Interactive Media Awards (USA) 2014 – Best in Class Award (the top level of award with a score of 487 out of a possible 500)

Helping parents understand the stages of pregnancy and giving birth choices

Birth Choices was created for the Raising Children Network and helps expecting parents make choices about pregnancy care and giving birth in Australia. Birth Choices lets users explore birth settings (private, public, birth centre, home), learn about carers, GPs and obstetricians. They are able to enter a due date to review their pregnancy stages over 40 weeks, including appointments and tests week by week. Developed to be responsive for mobile.

* The AIMIA Awards, the longest running and most prestigious awards in Australia’s digital industry, are now known as the AMY Awards presented by D+TC.

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